Geordie Cole Tattoo Artist Biography

Geordie Cole

Geordie started tattooing in Melbourne in 1990. In 1996 he took over ownership of Tattoo Magic in Fitzroy from Gary Mooney. He has been running the studio and
tattooing there for 20 years. All the while building a Melbourne Tattooing Institution. His work has moved into a more Asian aesthetic, which he says is “Timeless on the skin”. That said, Geordie is constantly pushing forward with great clients and tattoos.

In early 2014 Geordie became actively involved as a committee member working with The Australian Tattooists Guild. This is a not for profit organization that continues to represent the professional tattooing community at a government level. Their main focus being to see responsible regulation for the tattoo industry.

Sean Jackson Tattoo Artist Biography

Sean Jackson

No fancy art talk here, No rockstar tattooer attitudes. I just love to tattoo and have been doing it for 20 plus years. Big or small. Your design or mine.

Benny Bones Tattoo Artist

Benny Bones

Born in New Zealand, I have lived in Melbourne since 2001, I have been Tattooing since 2007. I generally attract a lot of large colour work but was taught to tattoo in a lot of styles so am up for any challenge you want to throw at me, nothing is too big or small.

Teniele Sadd Tattoo Artist Biography

Teniele Sadd

I started tattooing in 2007. My tattooing style is illustrative/ stylised realism and I enjoy working on both large and small pieces.


Owen Williams

After leaving tattoo Magic in 2011 I travelled across the globe guesting at many places from Checker Demon in Germany to Skull & Sword in the US. I’m glad to have returned home to Magic with the skills I’ve learnt on my travels. I began tattooing in 1998 and specialise in Japanese and illustrative work but all styles are welcome.

Tattoo Care

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