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Tattoo Magic has had two lives. First with Gary Mooney, who started the studio in Bayswater then relocated the studio to Fitzroy in 1995. Soon after Geordie took the reins of Tattoo Magic, giving the studio its second life.

After 20 years of custom tattooing in Fitzroy, the studio has been home to many influential artists and host’s local & international guest artists. Tattoo Magic has
nurtured a reputation for high quality, safe, world class tattoo art.

Artists at Tattoo Magic work closely with clients to produce everything from small tattoos to full body pieces. All resident artists are full members of the Australian Tattooists Guild and hold the current industry standard certification for cross contamination.

We can cater for all tattooing styles and can professionally advise on what is achievable on your skin. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Australian Tattooists Guild


The Australian Tattooist guild was established in 2013 as a not for profit organization dedicated to protecting the
history, culture & future of Australian tattooing.

Tattoo Magic


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Tattoo Care

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